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Battestin Fellowship Winners 2018

The winners of the sixth round of Battestin Fellowships were announced at the Society’s Annual Meeting on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Battestin Fellowship winners, from left, Neal Curtis, Daniel Zimmerman, Asher Morse, and Dylan Spivey.

Battestin Fellowship winners, from left, Neal Curtis, Daniel Zimmerman, Asher Morse, and Dylan Spivey.

The winners and the titles of their projects are:

  • Neal D. Curtis, “Researching Surviving Shelf-Marks from the Original Rotunda Library”;
  • Asher Morse, “Charles E. Feinberg, Walt Whitman, and the Sociology of Book Collecting”;
  • Dylan W. Spivey, “Articulating the Baroque in Eighteenth-Century British Architectural Books”; and
  • Daniel J. Zimmerman, “A Critical Edition of John Florio’s Translation of Montaigne’s ‘Of Physiognomy.’”

These fellowships are named in honor of Martin Battestin, a distinguished professor of English at UVa, and his wife Ruthe, a literary scholar and honorary member of the Society’s Council.

The aim of the fellowships is to provide summer support for research in the UVa library by UVa graduate students who are working on bibliographical or textual projects. This year four fellowships, each for $3500, have been awarded.

The Selection Committee consisted of Michael Suarez (professor of English and director of Rare Book School at UVa), G. Thomas Tanselle (president of the Bibliographical Society of UVa), and David Whitesell (curator in the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at UVa and a member of the Society’s Council).

The Battestin Fellows were honored at a reception in the Mt. Vernon Room of Alderman Library on Friday, September 21.

Daniel Zimmerman, left, and Dylan Spivey, right, with Prof. Douglas Fordham, Commonwealth Professor of Architectural History and Dylan’s advisor.

Asher Morse discussing the results of his summer research with Prof. David Vander Meulen, BSUVA Vice President.




Neal Curtis with BSUVA Secretary Anne Ribble.

Foreground, BSUVA President G. Thomas Tanselle and David Seaman, Dean of Libraries at Syracuse University and BSUVA Council Member. Background, Asher Morse and Prof. David Vander Meulen