Bibliographical Society

Battestin Fellowship Application

Print this form and complete it. Attach your Project Description and Curriculum Vitae, and send all three documents to:

Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia    
ATTN: Battestin Fellowships Committee
2014 Hessian Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

To submit electronically, print this form, complete it, scan the completed form, and save as a PDF (or MS Word document). Send an email to the Society Secretary, Anne Ribble, at attaching the application form and PDF (or MS Word) files of your Project Description and Curriculum Vitae. In the subject line of your email, give your name followed by the words “Battestin Fellowships.”

The application package and two supporting letters of recommendation (which are to be sent directly to the Society by the referees) must be received by February 1, 2024.  No other documentation will be considered by the committee.

The Society will announce the award winners at its Annual Meeting on March 22, 2024. Fellowship awards will be sent to the recipients in early May.

Mailing Address and Contact Information

Name (last, first, middle name or initial):___________________________________________________

Street address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________________________________________________

State: _______________________________________________________________________________________

ZIP or postal code: _________________________________________________________________________

Preferred telephone number:  _____________________________________________________________

Preferred e-mail address: __________________________________________________________________

Working title of Battestin Fellowship project: ______________________________________________


Professional Information

Please attach a brief, two-page form of your Curriculum Vitae in a PDF (or MS Word document).  Caution:  highly formatted documents such as a Curriculum Vitae do not translate well from one format to another, so please review your document before submitting it.

Project Description

Please attach a concise description in a PDF (or MS Word document), not to exceed 1,000 words, outlining the purpose, scope, and significance of the project, along with a detailed plan of work that indicates how UVa’s libraries will be used.


Please list the names of two persons whom you have asked to submit letters of reference directly to the Society. The letters should be written specifically in support of this application by persons in your field who are competent to judge the significance of the project.  One should be from your dissertation or other graduate advisor, who will be considered your advisor for the fellowship.

Letters submitted electronically as a signed PDF are preferable, although postal submissions will be accepted. When using e-mail, we ask that recommenders use the subject line “Recommendation for” followed by your name.

Applicants are advised to request recommendation letters well in advance and to direct referees to the Society’s website for guidance.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to have the letters of reference in the Society’s hands by February 1, 2024.

  1. Referee Name: _______________________________________________________________

 Title: ___________________________________________________________________________

 Institution: _____________________________________________________________________

 E-mail: _________________________________________________________________________

 2.    Referee Name: _________________________________________________________________

 Title:  ___________________________________________________________________________

 Institution: _____________________________________________________________________

 E-mail:  ________________________________________________________________________