Bibliographical Society

Winners of the 2023 Battestin Fellowships

   The Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia announces the winners of its eleventh round of Battestin Fellowships.  These fellowships are named in honor of Martin Battestin, a former distinguished professor of English at UVa, and his wife Ruthe, a literary scholar and member of the Society’s Council.  The aim of the fellowships is to provide summer support for research by UVa graduate students who are working on bibliographical or textual projects in UVa libraries. This year six fellowships, each for $3500, have been awarded.    

The winners and the titles of their projects are as follows:

Kaitlyn Airy Johnson (Henry Hoyns Fellow in MFA candidate, Creative Writing), “A Leap in Memory: Mapping the Manuscripts of Ruth Stone” [Advisor: Kiki Petrosino, Professor and Director of Creative Writing]

Isabel Rose Bielat (Ph.D. candidate, Department of History), “Romantic Nationalism, Transnational Celebrity, and the Politics of Nineteenth-Century British Print” [Advisor: Erik R. Linstrum, Associate Professor, Department of History]

Heather Alison Moody (Ph.D. candidate, Department of Religious Studies), “A Digital Edition of Ratna Lingpa’s Works, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2” [Advisor: David Germano, Professor, Department of Religious Studies]

Anne Laura Persons (Ph.D. candidate, Department of English), “Picturing the Underground Railroad: Engraving and Extraction in the 1879 Revised Edition of William Still’s The Underground Railroad Records” [Advisor: John O’Brien, Professor and Chair, Department of English]

Jared Willden (Ph.D. candidate, Department of English), “Political and Religious Framings of Catherine de Medici in the Discours Merveilleux: A Bibliographic Approach [Advisor: John Parker, Associate Professor, Department of English]

Sophia Sonam Zaklikowski (MFA candidate, Creative Writing), “Seeing Story & Selfhood in Commonplace Books”  [Advisor: Jane Alison, Professor of Creative Writing]