The Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia presents

Illustrations for The Art Deco Book in France

by Gordon N. Ray

Edited by G. Thomas Tanselle

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Gordon N. Ray's 1985 Lyell Lectures were published – by the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia – both in volume 55 (2002) of Studies in Bibliography and as a separate volume, containing additional materials. Ray illustrated his lectures with 183 slides, all but ten of which have survived. The available illustrations are reproduced on this website, accompanied by detailed captions and keyed to the text of the lectures by two-part numbers (the number preceding the period is the lecture number; the one following is the illustration number within that lecture). Clicking any illustration will produce an enlarged image of it. In the printed text of each lecture, the illustration numbers appear in the left margin to mark the points at which each illustration is relevant. Eight of the illustrations are also included as plates in the two publications mentioned above (1.18, 2.16, 3.24, 3.30, 4.27, 5.26, 5.37, 5.45).

The five lectures are as follows:

  1. The Livre d'Art of the 1920s

  2. George Barbier

  3. François-Louis Schmied

  4. Jean-Émile Laboureur

  5. Pierre Legrain and Art Deco Bookbinding