The table and images below supplement my article “L’Architecture Vivante and Its Extraits” in Studies in Bibliography 60 (2018), 251-277. Despite the importance of L’Architecture Vivante in the European avant garde during the 1920s and 1930s, this architectural review and the publications it spawned are relatively unknown and their relationships confusing. In the article I describe both the original issues and their republication as stand-alone titles (called extraits) from 1929 through 1948.

The following accounts of library holdings and physical features derive from my notes as I examined as many copies of each issue as I could. In each case I have reproduced the front and rear cover of a representative example and recorded its physical characteristics. Additional elements (witnessed in examples not shown here) are reported in red. I have also used red to indicate the missing or incorrect numbering of the L’Architecture Vivante fascicules. Locations of additional copies that I examined, either directly or by digital facsimile, are listed at the bottom, along with any variations.

Much of my initial research involved tracking down examples of each extrait. I began with WorldCat, the online catalog of the Online Computer Library Center, and also searched the online catalogs of well over one hundred individual libraries. My notes on library holdings assumed the form of a table which, among other things, provides a rough idea of the number of copies of each extrait surviving in public institutions. The version published here does not identify libraries that hold fewer than three extraits; their copies are accounted for, however, in a final column, “All other libraries consulted.” Catalog entries rarely provide the information necessary to distinguish variants, and I therefore have not attempted to do so for copies I have not seen directly. Libraries I visited and items I have seen in person are in bold. Multiple copies in a single library, or library system, are shown with a doubled or tripled x. In a few cases, titles appeared in a library’s catalog but were unfindable when I visited; these have been indicated with parentheses: (x). I do not pretend that the table is complete.

The table of copies of extraits can be reached by clicking on Library Holdings below. Clicking on any item in the list of Illustrations and Descriptions connects to images and notes for specific publications. The sixteen images that are also published in Studies in Bibliography are identified in the list by their plate number in the article.

Library Holdings

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