Studies in Bibliography, Volume 1 (1948-1949)

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Front Matter
Article The Manuscript of Jefferson's Unpublished Errata List for Abbé Morellet's Translation of the Notes on Virginia
by Joseph M. Carrière [pp. 3-24]
Article Some Correspondence with Thomas Jefferson Concerning the Public Printers
Transcribed, with a Foreword, by Jessie Ryon Lucke [pp. 25-38]
Article In The Savoy: A Study in Post-Restoration Imprints
by C. William Miller [pp. 39-46]

Article Three Shakespeare Piracies in the Eighteenth Century
by Giles E. Dawson [pp. 47-58]
Article The Compositor of the "Pied Bull" Lear
by Philip Williams [pp. 59-68]
Article The First Five Bookes of Ovid's Metamorphosis, 1621, Englished
by James G. McManaway [pp. 69-82]
Article The Art of Selling Books: Notes on Three Aldus Catalogues,1586-1592
by Rudolf Hirsch [pp. 83-102]
Article The Text of Chaucer's Purse
by George B. Pace [pp. 103-122]
Article The Headlines of William de Machlinia's Year-Book, 37 Henry VI
by Curt F. Bühler [pp. 123-132]
Article Sir John Davies' Nosce Teipsum, 1599: A Bibliographical Puzzle
by Gerald J. Eberle [pp. 133-148]
Article New Uses of Watermarks As Bibliographical Evidence
by Allan H. Stevenson [pp. 149-182]
Bibliographica A St. Memin Plate, With Some Notes on Other St. Memin Portraits
by Fillmore Norfleet [pp. 185-187]
Bibliographica A Bibliographical Note from the Beaumont and Fletcher First Folio
by Guy A. Battle [pp. 187-188]
Bibliographica Center Rules in Folio Printing: A New Kind of Bibliographical Evidence
by James S. Steck [pp. 188-191]
Bibliographica Textual Revision in Crashaw's "Vpon the Bleeding Crvcifix"
by George W. Williams [pp. 191-193]
Bibliographica The Hallam-Tennyson Poems (1830)
by Mary Virginia Bowman [pp. 193-199]
Bibliographica Running-Title Evidence for Determining Half-Sheet Imposition
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 199-202]

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