Studies in Bibliography, Volume 2 (1949-1950)

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Front Matter
Article The Early Editions and Issues of The Monk, with a Bibliography
by William B. Todd [pp. 3-24]
Article The 'Second Issue' of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, 1609
by Philip Williams, Jr. [pp. 25-34]
Article Warburton, Hanmer, and the 1745 Edition of Shakespeare
by Giles E. Dawson [pp. 35-48]
Article The Library of Elizabeth's Embezzling Teller
by Leslie Hotson [pp. 49-62]
Article Early Binding Stamps of Religious Significance in Certain American Libraries: A Supplementary Report
by Eunice Wead [pp. 63-78]
Article The Printing by the Cambridge Press of A Platform of Church Discipline, 1649
by Lawrence G. Starkey [pp. 79-94]
Article Fees Paid to Authors by Certain American Periodicals, 1840-1850
by J. Albert Robbins [pp. 94-104]
Article Melville and The Shakers
by Merton M. Sealts, Jr. [pp. 105-114]
Article A Bibliographical Study of Parthenissa by Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery
by C. William Miller [pp. 115-138]
Article Dryden's Indian Emperour: The Early Editions and Their Relation to the Text
by James S. Steck [pp. 139-152]
Article Bibliographical Evidence from the Printer's Measure
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 153-167]
Bibliographica The Publication of Steele's Conscious Lovers
by Rodney M. Baine [pp. 169-173]
Bibliographica A Long Use of a Setting of Type
by Edwin Eliott Willoughby [pp. 173-175]
Bibliographica A Note on King Lear, III.ii.1-3
by George W. Williams [pp. 175-182]
Bibliographica The Twelfth Day of December: Twelfth Night, II.iii.91
by I. B. Cauthen, Jr. [pp. 182-185]
Bibliographica The Dryden Troilus and Cressida Imprint: Another Theory
by Paul S. Dunkin [pp. 185-189]
Bibliographica Proposals of Nine Printers for a New Edition of the Journals of the Continental Congress, 1785
by Edmund P. Dandridge, Jr. [pp. 189-196]
Bibliographica Sir Thomas Browne: Early Biographical Notices, and the Disposition of His Library and Manuscripts
by Jeremiah S. Finch [pp. 196-201]
Bibliographica Some Observations on the Philadelphia 1794 Editions of Jefferson's Notes
by Coolie Verner [pp. 201-204]
Bibliographica The Cancels in Lockman's Travels of the Jesuits, 1743
by Jessie R. Lucke [pp. 205-207]

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