Studies in Bibliography, Volume 5 (1952-1953)

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Front Matter
Article Problems of Literary Executorship
by Norman Holmes Pearson [pp. 3-20]
Article Establishing a Text: The Emily Dickinson Papers
by Thomas H. Johnson [pp. 21-32]
Article The Text of the "Envoy to Alison"
by Harris Chewning [pp. 33-42]
Article Notes on the Wynkyn de Worde Editions of the Boke of St Albans and Its Separates
by Eloise Pafort [pp. 43-52]
Article The Copy for the First Folio Richard II
by Richard E. Hasker [pp. 53-72]
Article Compositor Determination in the First Folio King Lear
by I. B. Cauthen, Jr. [pp. 73-80]
Article The Issues and States of the Second Folio and Milton's Epitaph on Shakespeare
by William B. Todd [pp. 81-108]
Article The Text of the Spectator
by Donald F. Bond [pp. 109-128]
Article The Preface to A Dictionary of the English Language: Johnson's Revision and the Establishment of the Text
by W. R. Keast [pp. 129-146]
Article Type Sizes in the Eighteenth Century
by Philip Gaskell [pp. 147-151]
Article The Pre-Publication Printings of Tarkington's Penrod
by Campbell R. Coxe [pp. 153-157]
Bibliographica The Morgan Copy of Machlinia's Speculum Christiani
by Curt F. Bühler [pp. 159-160]
Bibliographica The Melancholy Cavalier: a Study in Seventeenth-Century Plagiarism
by Sarah Dickson [pp. 161-163]
Bibliographica The Early Editions of Dryden's State of Innocence
by Marion H. Hamilton [pp. 163-166]
Bibliographica The Pirated Quarto of Dryden's State of Innocence
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 166-169]
Bibliographica Thomas D'urfey's Richmond Heiress (1693): a Bibliographical Study
by Raymond A. Biswanger, Jr. [pp. 169-178]
Bibliographica Variant Forms of Fielding's Coffee-House Politician
by Jeanne Addison Masengill [pp. 178-183]
Bibliographica The Case of the Planters of Tobacco in Virginia, 1733: an Extraordinary Use of Standing Type
by Oliver L. Steele, Jr. [pp. 184-186]
Bibliographica Baskerville and James Whatman
by A. T. Hazen [pp. 187-189]
Bibliographica The First Edition of Essays by Mr. Goldsmith, 1765
by Arthur Friedman [pp. 190-193]
Bibliographica Some Notes on Edward Gibbon's Mémoire Justificatif
by Robert R. Rea [pp. 194-197]
Bibliographica Two New Works of Robert Southey
by Kenneth Curry [pp. 197-200]
Bibliographica The Printing of Jefferson's Notes, 1793-94
by Coolie Verner and P. J. Conkwright [pp. 201-203]
Bibliographica A Sheaf of Whitman Letters
by Walter Harding [pp. 203-210]
Bibliographica Addendum
by Ernst Kyriss [p. 210]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1951 [pp. 211-228]

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