Studies in Bibliography, Volume 6 (1954)

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Front Matter
Article English Publishing and the Mass Audience in 1852
by Richard D. Altick [pp. 3-24]
Article The 'Private Issues' of The Deserted Village
by William B. Todd [pp. 25-44]
Article The Folio Text of 1 Henry IV
by Alice Walker [pp. 45-59]
Article The Proof-Reading of the First Folio Text of Romeo and Juliet
by Charlton Hinman [pp. 61-70]
Article Shakespeare's Text and the Bibliographical Method
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 71-91]
Article The Servius of Cassel for Aeneid III-V
by Arthur Frederick Stocker [pp.93-100]
Article The First Edition of The Abbey of the Holy Ghost
by Curt F. Bühler [pp. 101-106]
Article The Editions of Robert Greene's A Quip for an Upstart Courtier (1592)
by Edwin Haviland Miller [pp. 107-116]
Article The Printing of John Webster's Plays (I)
by John Russell Brown [pp. 117-140]
Article A Cavalier Library -- 1643
by John L. Lievsay and Richard B. Davis [pp. 141-160]
Article Notes on the Ballad Market in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century
by Cyprian Blagden [pp. 161-180]
Article Chain-Indentations in Paper as Evidence
by Allan Stevenson [pp. 181-195]
Article A Handlist of the Writings in Book Form (1902-1953) of Walter de la Mare
compiled by Leonard Clark [pp. 197-217]
Article Identification of Contributors to the North American Review under Lowell
by F. Dewolfe Miller [pp. 219-229]
Article The British Museum's Copy of a Rare Book from Brescia: a Problem in Dating.
by D. E. Rhodes [pp. 231-232]
Article Deception in Dublin: Problems in Seventeenth-Century Irish Printing
by John Alden [pp. 232-237]
Article The Manuscripts of Dryden's The State of Innocence and the Relation of the Harvard MS to the First Quarto
by Marion H. Hamilton [pp. 237-246]
Article The Printing of Johnson's Journey (1775)
by William B. Todd [pp. 247-254]
Article The Publishing of Meredith's Rhoda Fleming
by Richard B. Hudson [pp. 254-257]
Article Whitman's Manuscripts for the Original "Calamus" Poems
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 257-265]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1952 [pp. 266-286]

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