Studies in Bibliography, Volume 11 (1958)

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Front Matter
Article From Aldine to Everyman: Cheap Reprint Series of the English Classics 1830-1906
by Richard D. Altick [pp. 3-24]
Article Editing the Letters of Letter-Writers
by Robert Halsband [pp. 25-37]
Article Setting by Formes in Quarto Printing
by George Walton Williams [pp. 39-53]
Article On the First Folio Text of Henry VIII
by R. A. Foakes [pp. 55-60]
Article Printer's Copy for The Two Noble Kinsmen
by Frederick O. Waller [pp. 61-84]
Article The Shares of Fletcher and His Collaborators in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon (III)
by Cyrus Hoy [pp. 85-106]
Article The Distribution of Almanacks in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century
by Cyprian Blagden [pp. 107-116]
Article The Dramatic Piracies of 1661: A Comparative Analysis
by Johan Gerritsen [pp. 117-131]
Article The First Editions of The Good Natur'd Man and She Stoops to Conquer
by William B. Todd [pp. 133-142]
Article Unrecorded Coleridge Variants
by David V. Erdman [pp. 143-162]
Article Financing the Publication of Early New England Sermons
by Rollo G. Silver [pp. 163-178]
Article Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia Type
by C. William Miller [pp. 179-206]
Article Nathanael West: A Bibliography
by William White [pp. 207-224]
Article The Second Edition of the Compagnia del Mantellaccio
by Curt F. Buhler [pp. 225-227]
Article The First Book Printed at Bari: Additional Notes
by Dennis E. Rhodes [pp. 227-228]
Article A Proof-Sheet from Nicholas Okes' Printing-Shop
by John Russell Brown [pp. 228-231]
Article The Printing of Sir George Croke's Reports
by Lois Spencer [pp. 231-246]
Article Deception Compounded: Further Problems in Seventeenth-Century Irish Printing
by John Alden [pp. 246-249]
Article John Newbery, Projector of the Universal Chronicle: A Study of the Advertisements
by Gwin J. Kolb [pp. 249-251]
Article Dr. Johnson and the Public Ledger: A Small Addition to the Canon
by Gwin J. Kolb [pp. 252-255]
Article The First Edition of Goldsmith's Bee, No. 1
by Arthur Friedman [pp. 255-259]
Article Prologue to Copyright in America: 1772
by Rollo G. Silver [pp. 259-262]
Article Textual Variants in Sinclair Lewis's Babbitt
by Matthew J. Bruccoli [pp. 263-268]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1956.
by Rudolf Hirsch and Howell J. Heaney [pp. 269-290]

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