Studies in Bibliography, Volume 13 (1960)

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Front Matter
Article The "Company" of Printers
by Cyprian Blagden [pp. 3-17]
Article The Compositors of Henry IV, Part 2, Much Ado About Nothing, The Shoemakers' Holiday, and The First Part of the Contention
by W. Craig Ferguson [pp. 19-29]
Article Playhouse Interpolations in the Folio Text of Hamlet
by Harold Jenkins [pp. 31-47]
Article The Rationale of Old-Spelling Editions of the Plays of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
by John Russell Brown [pp. 49-67]
Article The Rationale of Old-Spelling Editions of the Plays of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: A Rejoinder
by Arthur Brown [pp. 69-76]
Article The Shares of Fletcher and his Collaborators in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon (V)
by Cyrus Hoy [pp. 77-108]
Article A List of Printers' Apprentices, 1605-1640
by D. F. Mckenzie [pp. 109-141]
Article The Problem of Indifferent Readings in the Eighteenth Century, with a Solution from The Deserted Village
by Arthur Friedman [pp. 143-147]
Article The History of A Poem: Tennyson's Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington
by Edgar F. Shannon, Jr. [pp. 149-177]
Article The Reading of Joseph Carrington Cabell: "A List of Books on Various Subjects Recommended to a Young Man . . . ."
by H. Trevor Colbourn [pp. 179-188]
Article The Optical Identification of First Formes
by Kenneth Povey [pp. 189-190]
Article Ralegh and Ayton: the Disputed Authorship of "Wrong Not Sweete Empress of My Heart"
by Charles B. Gullans [pp. 191-198]
Article The Printing of Beaumont and Fletcher's The Maid's Tragedy Q1 (1619)
by Robert K. Turner, Jr. [pp. 199-220]
Article "The Unspeakable Curll": Prolegomena
by Robert L. Haig [pp. 220-223]
Article The False Alarm and Taxation No Tyranny: Some Further Observations
by D. J. Greene [pp. 223-231]
Article Two Notes on Goldsmith
by Arthur Friedman [pp. 232-235]
Article The Missing Third Edition of Wheble's Junius (1771)
by G. Blakemore Evans [pp. 235-238]
Article The Text of Burns' "The Jolly Beggars"
by John C. Weston, Jr. [pp. 239-247]
Article Harold Frederic: A Bibliography
by Robert H. Woodward [pp. 247-257]
Article Bibliographical Notes on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned
by Matthew J. Bruccoli [pp. 258-261]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1958 [pp. 262-283]

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