Studies in Bibliography, Volume 14 (1961)

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Front Matter
Article Proofreading Lockhart's Scott: The Dynamics of Biographical Reticence
by Francis Russell Hart [pp. 3-22]
Article Thomas Carnan and the Almanack Monopoly
by Cyprian Blagden [pp. 23-43]
Article The Shares of Fletcher and His Collaborators in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon (VI)
by Cyrus Hoy [pp. 45-67]
Article Literary Problems in Seventeenth-Century Scientific Manuscripts
by H. W. Jones [pp. 69-80]
Article Scottish Printers and Booksellers 1668-1775: A Second Supplement (I)
by Robert Hay Carnie [pp. 81-96]
Article Franklin's Poor Richard Almanacs: Their Printing and Publication
by C. William Miller [pp. 97-115]
Article Jefferson as Collector of Virginiana
by Richard Beale Davis [pp. 117-144]
Article The Amazing Career of Andrew Barclay, Scottish Bookbinder, of Boston
by Hannah D. French [pp. 145-162]
Article Contributors to the American Quarterly Review, 1827-1833
by Ralph M. Aderman [pp. 163-176]
Article Agent and Author: Ellen Glasgow's Letters to Paul Revere Reynolds
by James B. Colvert [pp. 177-196]
Article The Grammaticæ Artis Institutio of Joannes Susenbrotus: a Bibliographical Note
by Joseph X. Brennan [pp. 197-200]
Article Lydgate's Serpent of Division, 1559, Edited by John Stow
by William Ringler [pp. 201-203]
Article A Note on the Printing of E. K.'S Glosses
by Jack Stillinger [pp. 203-205]
Article Guide-Lines in Small Formats (About 1600)
by Giles E. Dawson [pp. 206-208]
Article Penny-Pinching Printers and Tampered Titles
by Franklin B. Williams, Jr. [pp. 209-211]
Article The First Edition of Greene's Quip for an Upstart Courtier
by I. A. Shapiro [pp. 212-218]
Article Notes on the Text of Thierry and Theodoret Q1
by Robert K. Turner, Jr [pp. 218-231]
Article Richardsoniana
by T. C. Duncan Eaves and Ben D. Kimpel [pp. 232-234]
Article Thomas Taylor's Biography
by G. E. Bentley, Jr. [pp. 234-236]
Article Unrecorded Coleridge Variants: Additions and Corrections
by David V. Erdman, Lucyle Werkmeister, and R. S. Woof [pp. 236-245]
Article Elizabeth Barrett and R. Shelton Mackenzie
by David Bonnell Green [pp. 245-250]
Article Elias Burling, A Call to Back-sliding Israel, New York, 1694: an Unrecorded Tract Printed by William Bradford
by A. N. L. Munby [pp. 251-253]
Article Some Remarks on the Extant Manuscripts of Hawthorne's Short Stories
by Seymour L. Gross and Alfred J. Levy [pp. 254-257]
Article Imposition Figures and Plate Gangs in The Rescue
by Matthew J. Bruccoli and Charles A. Rheault, Jr. [pp. 258-262]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1959
by Rudolf Hirsch and Howell J. Heaney [pp. 263-284]

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