Studies in Bibliography, Volume 15 (1962)

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Front Matter
Article Problems in the Making of Computer Concordances
by S. M. Parrish [pp. 1-14]
Article Electronic Computers and Elizabethan Texts
by Ephim G. Fogel [pp. 15-31]
Article Printing Methods and Textual Problems in A Midsummer Night's Dream Q1
by Robert K. Turner, Jr. [pp. 33-55]
Article The Printing of John Webster's Plays (III): The Duchess of Malfi
by John Russell Brown [pp. 57-69]
Article The Shares of Fletcher and His Collaborators in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon (VII)
by Cyrus Hoy [pp. 71-90]
Article National Library of Scotland and Edinburgh University Library Copies of Plays in Greg's Bibliography of the English Printed Drama
by Marion Linton [pp. 91-104]
Article Scottish Printers and Booksellers 1668-1775: A Second Supplement (II)
by Robert Hay Carnie [pp. 105-120]
Article Early Editions of The Tatler
by William B. Todd [pp. 121-133]
Article Samuel Richardson's London Houses
by T. C. Duncan Eaves and Ben D. Kimpel [pp. 135-148]
Article Wordsworth's Poetry and Stuart's Newspapers: 1797-1803
by R. S. Woof [pp. 149-189]
Article Some Observations on the Text of Dubliners: "The Dead"
by Robert E. Scholes [pp. 191-205]
Article The English Editions of James Gould Cozzens
by James B. Meriwether [pp.207-217]
Article The Errata Lists in the First Aldine Editions of Caro's Rime and of the Due Orationi of St. Gregorius Nazianzenus
by Curt F. Bühler [pp. 219-222]
Article On the Tercera Parte of Calderon -- 1664
by Edward M. Wilson [pp. 223-230]
Article Gorboduc, Ferrex and Porrex: The First Two Quartos
by I. B. Cauthen, Jr. [pp. 231-233]
Article New Year's Day Gift Books in the Sixteenth Century
by Edwin Haviland Miller [pp. 233-241]
Article A Note on Printers' Measures
by W. Craig Ferguson [pp. 242-243]
Article The Earliest London Printings of "Verses on the Death of Doctor Swift"
by A. H. Scouten [pp. 243-247]
Article The Printing of Fielding's Miscellanies (1743)
by Donald D. Eddy [pp. 247-256]
Article Rasselas: Purchase Price, Proprietors, and Printings
by Gwin J. Kolb [pp. 256-259]
Article Dwight's Triumph of Infidelity: Text and Interpretation
by Jack Stillinger [pp. 259-266]
Article William Dean Howells and The Breadwinners
by George Monteiro [pp. 267-268]
Article A Harold Frederic First
by Stanton B. Garner [pp. 268-269]
Article Hidden Printings in Edith Wharton's The Children
by Matthew J. Bruccoli [pp. 269-273]
Article Half-Sheet Imposition of Eight-Leaf Quires in Formes of Thirty-Two and Sixty-Four Pages
by Oliver L. Steele [pp. 274-278]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1960 [pp. 279-305]

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