Studies in Bibliography, Volume 16 (1963)

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Front Matter
Article The Little Gest of Robin Hood: A Note on the Pynson and Lettersnijder Editions
by J. C. T. Oates [pp. 3-8]
Article The Composition of the Quarto of Much Ado About Nothing
by John Hazel Smith [pp. 9-26]
Article George Wither's Quarrel with the Stationers: An Anonymous Reply to The Schollers Purgatory
by Allan Pritchard [pp. 27-42]
Article An Editorial Experiment: Suckling's A Sessions of the Poets
by L. A. Beaurline [pp. 43-60]
Article John Partridge and the Company of Stationers
by Richmond P. Bond [pp. 61-80]
Article Fielding's Revisions of Joseph Andrews
by Martin C. Battestin [pp. 81-117]
Article The British Critic and the Oxford Movement
by Esther Rhoads Houghton [pp. 119-137]
Article Grant Richards to James Joyce
by Robert Scholes [pp. 139-160]
Article Government Printing in Massachusetts, 1751-1801
by Rollo G. Silver [pp. 161-200]
Article Privilege to Print
by James G. Mcmanaway [pp. 201-203]
Article The Hospitall of Incurable Fooles
by William E. Miller [pp. 204-207]
Article The Text of "The Eve of St. Agnes"
by Jack Stillinger [pp. 207-212]
Article Some Unaccomplished Projects of Matthew Arnold
by Roger L. Brooks [pp. 213-216]
Article A "Mather" of Dates
by William R. Manierre [pp. 217-220]
Article An Unknown Early Appearance of "The Raven"
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 220-223]
Article Evidence of Plate Damage as Applied to the First Impressions of Ellen Glasgow's The Wheel of Life (1906)
by Oliver L. Steele [pp. 223-231]
Article West's Revisions of Miss Lonelyhearts
by Carter A. Daniel [pp. 232-243]
Article A Further Note on the First Printing of The Great Gatsby
by Matthew J. Bruccoli [p. 244]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1961 [pp. 245-270]

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