Studies in Bibliography, Volume 17 (1964)

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Front Matter
Article The Suppressed and Altered Passages in Blake's Jerusalem
by David V. Erdman [pp. 1-54]
Article A Computer Concordance to Middle English Texts
by Alan Markman [pp. 55-75]
Article Milton and the Harvard Pindar
by Maurice Kelley and Samuel D. Atkins [pp. 77-82]
Article Light on Joyce's Exiles? A New MS, a Curious Analogue, and Some Speculations
by Robert M. Adams [pp. 83-105]
Article Further Observations on the Text of Dubliners
by Robert Scholes [pp. 107-122]
Article Mathew Carey's Proofreaders
by Rollo G. Silver [pp. 123-133]
Article "Bound in Boston by Henry B. Legg"
by Hannah D. French [pp. 135-139]
Article James Kirke Paulding's Contributions to American Magazines
by Ralph M. Aderman [pp. 141-151]
Article Unsigned and Initialed Contributions to The Freeman
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 153-175]
Article Material for a Centenary Edition of Tender is the Night
by Matthew J. Bruccoli [pp. 177-193]
Article The Terence of Turin, 1483
by Curt F. Bühler [pp. 195-196]
Article The Printer of the 1594 Octavo of Marlowe's Edward II
by Robert Ford Welsh [pp. 197-198]
Article The Early Editions of Sir Walter Ralegh's The History of the World
by John Racin, Jr. [pp. 199-209]
Article Some Reprintings of the Gentleman's Magazine
by Jacob Leed [pp. 210-214]
Article Predecessors to Burke's and Dodsley's Annual Register
by John C. Weston, Jr. [pp. 215-220]
Article Yeats's Vision and "The Two Trees"
by Robert Mortenson [pp. 220-222]
Article Some Principles for Scholarly Editions of Nineteenth-Century American Authors
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 223-228]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1962 [pp. 229-252]

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