Studies in Bibliography, Volume 21 (1968)

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Front Matter
Article The Descriptive Bibliography of American Authors
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-24]
Article Poe and "Young America"
by Claude Richard [pp. 25-58]
Article William Gilmore Simms and the Southern Literary Gazette
by John C. Guilds [pp. 59-92]
Article James's "Pandora": The Mixed Consequences of Revision
by Charles Vandersee [pp. 93-108]
Article Photo-Facsimiles of STC Books: A Cautionary Check List
by Franklin B. Williams, Jr. [pp.109-130]
Article Compositor B, The Pavier Quartos, and Copy Spellings
by William S. Kable [pp. 131-161]
Article The Revisions of Richardson's Sir Charles Grandison
by Robert Craig Pierson [pp. 163-189]
Article Gibbon's Revision of the Decline and Fall
by Patricia B. Craddock [pp. 191-204]
Article James Pinker to James Joyce, 1915-1920
by John Firth [pp. 205-224]
Article Speght's Chaucer And MS. GG.4.27
by George B. Pace [pp. 225-235]
Article Benson's Alleged Piracy of Shake-speares Sonnets and of Some of Jonson's Works
by Josephine Waters Bennett [pp. 235-248]
Article A Date and a Printer for A Looking Glasse for London and England, Q4
by Berta Sturman [pp. 248-253]
Article Eighteenth-Century Editions of Steele's Conscious Lovers
by Shirley Strum Kenny [pp. 253-261]
Article The Laureate as Huckster: Nahum Tate and an Early Eighteenth Century Example of Publisher's Advertising
by Stuart L. Astor [pp. 261-266]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographic Scholarship for 1966 [pp. 267-284]

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