Studies in Bibliography, Volume 22 (1969)

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Front Matter
Article Printers of the Mind: Some Notes on Bibliographical Theories and Printing-House Practices
by D. F. Mckenzie [pp. 1-75]
Article Copyright Records and the Bibliographer
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 77-124]
Article The Lay of the Case
by Philip Gaskell [pp. 125-142]
Article The Oxford Old-Spelling Shakespeare Concordances
by T. H. Howard-hill [pp. 143-164]
Article The Printers and the Beaumont and Fletcher Folio of 1647, Sections 4 and 8D-F
by Standish Henning [pp. 165-178]
Article William Strahan's Ledgers, II: Charges for Papers, 1738-1785
by Patricia Hernlund [pp. 179-195]
Article Nineteenth-Century English Best-Sellers: A Further List
by Richard D. Altick [pp. 197-206]
Article The Order of Stanzas in Cowley and Crashaw's "On Hope"
by George Walton Williams [pp. 207-210]
Article Dates in Incunabular Colophons
by Curt F. Bühler [pp. 210-214]
Article William Barley, Draper and Stationer
by J. A. Lavin [pp. 214-223]
Article Two Compositors in Heywood's Londons Ius Honorarium (1631)
by David M. Bergeron [pp. 223-226]
Article Aphra Behn's First Biography
by Robert Adams Day [pp. 227-240]
Article The Text of Scott's Edition of Swift
by Lee H. Potter [pp. 240-255]
Article The Text of Keats's "Ode on Indolence"
by Jack Stillinger [pp. 255-258]
Article Swinburne's Heptalogia Improved
by Robert A. Greenberg [pp. 258-266]
Article The "Lost" Number of the Southern Literary Gazette
by John C. Guilds [pp. 266-273]
Article Crane's Red Badge of Courage and Other 'Advance Copies'
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 273-277]
Article Scholarship and Mere Artifacts: the British and Empire Publications of Stephen Crane
by Matthew J. Bruccoli and Joseph Katz [pp. 277-287]
Article Ulysses Notebook VIII.A.5 at Buffalo
by Phillip F. Herring [pp. 287-310]
Article The Meaning of Copy-Text
by Paul Baender [pp. 311-318]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographic Scholarship for 1967 [pp. 319-334]

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