Studies in Bibliography, Volume 23 (1970)

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Front Matter
Article The Orthography of Proper Names in Modern-Spelling Editions of Shakespeare
by Jürgen Schäfer [pp. 1-19]
Article John Danter's Ornament Stock
by J. A. Lavin [pp. 21-44]
Article Pope as Scholar-Editor
by John A. Hart [pp. 45-59]
Article On Editing One's First Play
by Clifford Leech [pp. 61-70]
Article The Bibliographical Description of Patterns
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 71-102]
Article A List of Plays and Entertainments by Scottish Dramatists 1660-1800
by Terence Tobin [pp. 103-117]
Article "Press" Letters: Samuel Aris 1730-32
by Keith I. D. Maslen [pp. 119-126]
Article Four Children's Books by A. A. Milne
by John R. Payne [pp. 127-139]
Article Chainlines Versus Imposition in Incunabula
by Curt F. Bühler [pp. 141-145]
Article The "1584" Publication of Henry Constable's Diana Augmented
by Hassell B. Sledd [pp. 146-148]
Article Thomas Creede's Pica Roman
by W. Craig Ferguson [pp. 148-153]
Article John Warburton's Lost Plays
by John Freehafer [pp. 154-164]
Article Notes on Early Editions of Fragmenta Aurea
by L. A. Beaurline and Thomas Clayton [pp. 165-170]
Article Defoe's An Essay upon Projects: the Order of Issues
by Joyce Deveau Kennedy [pp. 170-175]
Article Additions to Bond's Register of Burlesque Poems
by A. J. Sambrook [pp. 176-179]
Article John Nichols on a Johnson Letter
by James L. Battersby [pp. 179-183]
Article The Bibliographical Significance of a Publisher's Archive: the Macmillan Papers
by William E. Fredeman [pp. 183-191]
Article The Meaning of Copy-Text: A Further Note
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 191-196]
Article The Compositors of the Cambridge Platform
by John H. Dorenkamp [pp. 196-199]
Article More on the Contributors to the American Quarterly Review (1827-1837)
by Guy R. Woodall [pp. 199-207]
Article James Branch Cabell's Personal Library
by Maurice Duke [pp. 207-216]
Article John Faulkner: An Annotated Check List of His Published Works and of His Papers
by Helen White and Redding S. Sugg, Jr. [pp. 217- 229]
Article The Printing of Calderon's Tercera Parte
by D. W. Cruickshank [pp. 230-251]
Article Photo-Facsimiles of STC Books: A Sequel
by Franklin B. Williams, Jr. [pp. 252-253]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographic Scholarship for 1968 [pp. 254-273]

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