Studies in Bibliography, Volume 24 (1971)

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Front Matter
Article John Payne Collier's Great Forgery
by Giles E. Dawson [pp. 1-26]
Article The Bibliographical Description of Paper
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 27-67]
Article Cupids Revenge (Q1) and Its Compositors Part I: Composition and Printing
by Hans Walter Gabler [pp. 69-90]
Article Printing Charges: Inference and Evidence
by Keith I. D. Maslen [pp. 91-98]
Article Woozles in Brontëland: A Cautionary Tale
by Joan Stevens [pp. 99-108]
Article William Gilmore Simms and The Family Companion
by Robert A. Rees and Marjorie Griffin [pp. 109-129]
Article The "Ralegh Group" in The Phoenix Nest
by Michael Rudick [pp. 131-137]
Article John Beale's Compositors in A King and No King Q1(1619)
by Hans Walter Gabler [pp. 138-143]
Article The Printing of James Shirley's The Polititian (1655)
by Robert J. Fehrenbach [pp. 144-148]
Article A New Light on the Dramatic Works of Thomas Killigrew
by Albert Wertheim [pp. 149-152]
Article Arthur Maynwaring, Richard Steele, and The Lives of Two Illustrious Generals
by Henry L. Snyder [pp. 152-162]
Article John Oldmixon and An Impartial Enquiry (1715)
by Pat Rogers [pp. 163-165]
Article Pope in Russian Translations of the Eighteenth Century
by Leonid M. Arinshtein [pp. 166-175]
Article The Composition and Revision of Coleridge's Essay on Aeschylus' Prometheus
by S. W. Reid [pp. 176-183]
Article Some Sources of the Essays in Robert Walsh's Didactics
by Guy Woodall [pp. 184-187]
Article Emerson's Annotations in the British Museum Copy of the Dial
by Burton R. Pollin [pp. 187-195]
Article "Bartleby the Scrivener" and Melville's Contemporary Reputation
by George Monteiro [pp. 195-196]
Article Dating Whitman's Early Notebooks
by Floyd Stovall [pp. 197-204]
Article Mechanized Textual Collation and Recent Designs
by Gordon Lindstrand [pp. 204-214]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographic Scholarship for 1969 [pp. 215-234]

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