Studies in Bibliography, Volume 25 (1972)

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Front Matter
Article Science, Method, and the Textual Critic
by Peter Davison [pp. 1-28]
Article Historical Grist for the Bibliographical Mill
by Edwin Wolf, 2nd [pp. 29-40]
Article Some Principles for Editorial Apparatus
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 41-88]
Article Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice in Sixty-Three Editions
by Christopher Spencer [pp. 89-106]
Article David Douglas and the British Publication of W. D. Howells' Works
by Scott Bennett [pp. 107-124]
Article Oscar Wilde's First Manuscript of The Picture of Dorian Gray
by Donald L. Lawler [pp. 125-135]
Article Some Unusual Printer's Copy Used for Early Sixteenth-Century Editions of Erasmus' Encomium Moriae
by Clarence H. Miller [pp. 137-143]
Article Was There a Lost 1593 Edition of Marlowe's Edward II?
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 143-148]
Article The Early Editions of Marlowe's Ovid's Elegies
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 149-172]
Article The Printer of Hamlet Q3
by J. A. Lavin [pp. 173-176]
Article The Printer of the Third Volume of Jonson's Workes (1640)
by D. F. McKenzie [pp. 177-178]
Article A Broadside Prologue by Farquhar
by Shirley Strum Kenny [pp. 179-185]
Article The Evidence from Defoe's Title Pages
by Rodney M. Baine [pp. 185-191]
Article The Westminster Review: Change of Editorship, 1840
by Rosemary T. VanArsdel [pp. 191-204]
Article Index and Author Guide to the Family Companion (1841-43)
by Robert A. Rees and Marjorie Griffin [pp. 205-212]
Article Thoreau Rejects an Emerson Text
by Wendell Glick [pp. 213-216]
Article Gilbert and His Ballads: Problems in the Bibliography and Attribution of Victorian Comic Journalism
by John Bush Jones [pp. 217-225]
Article Mather's Melville Book
by George Monteiro [pp. 226-227]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographic Scholarship for 1970 [pp. 228-246]

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