Studies in Bibliography, Volume 27 (1974)

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Front Matter
Article Towards a Critical Text of James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
by Hans Walter Gabler [pp. 1-53]
Article Bibliography and Science
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 55-89]
Article Justification and Spelling in Jaggard's Compositor B
by S. W. Reid [pp. 91-111]
Article Beggars Bush: A Reconstructed Prompt-Book and Its Copy
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 113-136]
Article The Printers and the Beaumont and Fletcher Folio of 1647: Section 1 (Thomas Warren's)
by Robert K. Turner, Jr. [pp. 137-156]
Article The American Edition of Mrs. Dalloway
by E. F. Shields [pp. 157-175]
Article Press-Variants and Proofreading in the First Quarto of Othello (1622)
by Millard T. Jones [pp. 177-184]
Article John Norton the Printer: an Attribution (1622)
by Wayne Franklin [pp. 185-187]
Article The Chief Substantive Editions of Oldham's Poems, 1679-1684: Printer, Compositors, and Publication
by Harold F. Brooks [pp. 188-226]
Article English Editions of French Contes De Fees Attributed to Mme D'Aulnoy
by Nancy and Melvin Palmer [pp. 227-232]
Article Museum Attributions in John Cooper's Unpublished Letters
by James E. Tierney [pp. 232-235]
Article Further Additions to Bond's Register of Burlesque Poems
by A. B. England [pp. 236-240]
Article Warburton's List and Edmond Malone: a Non-Existent Relationship
by Anne Lancashire [pp. 240-248]
Article Thomas Carlyle's Libraries at Chelsea and Ecclefechan
by Rodger L. Tarr [pp. 249-265]
Article Ellen Glasgow's Virginia: Preliminary Notes
by Oliver Steele [pp. 265-289]
Article Owen Wister's Roosevelt: A Case Study in Post-Production Censorship
by Elizabeth A. Swaim [pp. 290-293]
Article Stephen Crane and "Corporal O'Connor's Story"
by Gillian G. M. Kyles [pp. 294-295]
Checklist A Selective Check List of Bibliographic Scholarship for 1972 [pp. 296-319]

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