Studies in Bibliography, Volume 28 (1975)

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Front Matter
Article Joseph Johnson, an Eighteenth-Century Bookseller
by Gerald P. Tyson [pp. 1-16]
Article The Minute Books of the St. James's Chronicle
by Richmond P. Bond and Marjorie N. Bond [pp. 17-40]
Article Further Texts of Chaucer's Minor Poems
by A. I. Doyle and George B. Pace [pp. 41-61]
Article William Hunnis and the 1577 Paradise of Dainty Devices
by Steven W. May [pp. 63-80]
Article Compositors D and F of the Shakespeare First Folio
by John O'Connor [pp. 81-117]
Article Richardson's Revisions of Clarissa in the Third and Fourth Editions
by Shirley Van Marter [pp. 119-152]
Article Vathek in English and French
by Kenneth W. Graham [pp. 153-166]
Article Greg's Theory of Copy-Text and the Editing of American Literature
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 167-229]
Article A New Approach to the Critical Constitution of Literary Texts
by Hans Zeller [pp. 231-264]
Article John Stowe, The Craft of Lovers and T.C.C. R.3.19
by A. S. G. Edwards and J. Hedley [pp. 265-268]
Article Authoritative Manuscript Corrections in Donne's Biathanatos
by Ernest Sullivan [pp. 268-276]
Article Shaftesbury Cursed: Dryden's Revision of the Achitophel Lines
by Edward L. Saslow [pp. 276-283]
Article Further Additions to Bond's Register of Burlesque Poems
by A. B. England [pp. 284-290]
Article The "Swingeing" of Cibber: The Suppression of the First Edition of The Refusal
by Rodney L. Hayley [pp. 290-297]
Article Piracies of Two Plays by Farquhar
by Shirley Strum Kenny [pp. 297-305]
Article Samuel Richardson and Defoe's Tour (1738): The Evidence of Bibliography
by Pat Rogers [pp. 305-307]
Article The Case for Fielding's Authorship of An Address to the Electors of Great Britain (1740) Reopened
by Thomas R. Cleary [pp. 308-318]
Article The 1785 Variorum Shakespeare
by William C. Woodson [pp. 318-320]
Article D. H. Lawrence's Progress to Maturity: from Holograph Manuscript to Final Publication of The Prussian Officer and Other Stories
by Brian H. Finney [pp. 321-332]

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