Studies in Bibliography, Volume 29 (1976)

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Front Matter
Article The Reviser Observed: The Last Volume of Sir Charles Grandison
by Jocelyn Harris [pp. 1-31]
Article Whitney's A Choice of Emblemes Revisited: A Comparative Study of the Manuscript and the Printed Versions
by Mason Tung [pp. 32-101]
Article Some Spellings of Compositor B in the Shakespeare First Folio
by S. W. Reid [pp. 102-138]
Article John Murray's Family Library and the Cheapening of Books in Early Nineteenth Century Britain
by Scott Bennett [pp. 139-166]
Article The Editorial Problem of Final Authorial Intention
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 167-211]
Article Transcription of Manuscripts: The Record of Variants
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 212-264]
Article The Röle of Formulas in the Dissemination of a Middle English Alliterative Romance
by Hoyt N. Duggan [pp. 265-288]
Article The Printing of A Faire Quarrell, Q2
by Gerald D. Johnson [pp. 288-292]
Article Mr. Abel Boyer Stops the Press
by G. L. Anderson [pp. 292-296]
Article John Warburton as Antiquary and Collector: Evidence from the Sale Catalogue of His Collection
by Michael D. Bliss [pp. 296-306]
Article The Gentleman's Magazine in the Folger Library: The History and Significance of the Nichols Family Collection
by James M. Kuist [pp. 307-322]
Article Some Borrowings in Tristram Shandy: The Textual Problem
by Melvyn New and Norman Fry [pp. 322-330]
Article 'For Friendship's Sake': Some Additions to Blake's Sheets for Designs to a Series of Ballads (1802)
by Karen G. Mulhallen [pp. 331-341]
Article Hazlitt, Reynolds, and the Edinburgh Review
by Leonidas M. Jones [pp. 342-346]
Article Walter Bagehot: Some New Attributions
by Robert H. Tener [pp. 346-359]
Article The Uncancelled Leaf of Shepherd's Memoirs of Carlyle
by Rodger L. Tarr [pp. 360-361]
Article Brissot De Warville and the Franco-American Press
by Madeleine B. Stern [pp. 362-372]
Article John Miller: First Transatlantic Publisher's Agent
by James J. Barnes [pp. 373-379]
Article Mrs. Stowe's Income from the Serial Version of Uncle Tom's Cabin
by Susan Geary [pp. 380-382]
Article Edna St. Vincent Millay's Afterthoughts on the Translation of Baudelaire
by Joan St. Clair Crane [pp. 382-386]
Article Additions and Corrections to the Second Edition of Donald Wing's Short-Title Catalogue
by Clinton Sisson and Jeri S. Smith [pp. 386-388]

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