Studies in Bibliography, Volume 30 (1977)

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Front Matter
Article Descriptive Bibliography and Library Cataloguing
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-56]
Article A Qualitative Analysis of Compositors C and D in the Shakespeare First Folio
by John S. O'Connor [pp. 57-74]
Article Chetwin, Crooke, and the Jonson Folios
by William P. Williams [pp. 75-95]
Article Verses Address'd to the Imitator of Horace: A Skirmish between Pope and Some Persons of Rank and Fortune
by Isobel Grundy [pp. 96-119]
Article The Dating of the Two Hyperions
by Leonidas M. Jones [pp. 120-135]
Article Venetian 'Woodcut' Capitals
by A. J. Dunston [pp. 136-144]
Article Sir John Harington's A Supplie or Addicion to the Catalogue of Bishops, to the Yeare 1608: Composition and Text
by R. H. Miller [pp. 145-161]
Article Middleburg Psalms
by Nicholas Temperley [pp. 162-170]
Article Marginal Rules as Evidence
by Ernest W. Sullivan, II [pp. 171-180]
Article New Texts of Marvell's Satires
by A. S. G. Edwards and R. M. Schuler [pp. 180-185]
Article The Text of Colley Cibber's The Double Gallant: Or, the Sick Lady's Cure
by John W. Bruton [pp. 186-196]
Article The Motives of Puffing: John Newbery's Advertisements 1742-1767
by John Dawson Carl Buck [pp. 196-210]
Article The Writing and Printing of Joseph Warton's Essay on Pope
by David Fairer [pp. 211-219]
Article A Compositional History of the Biographia Literaria
by Daniel Mark Fogel [pp. 219-234]
Article Printer's Copy for Part of Volume Seven of the W. B. Yeats Collected Works in Verse and Prose (1908)
by J. R. Mulryne [pp. 235-240]
Article Robert Frost's "Kitty Hawk"
by Joan St.C. Crane [pp. 241-249]
Article Graham Greene's Second Thoughts: The Text of The Heart of the Matter
by David Leon Higdon [pp. 249-256]
Article Towards a New Chronology for the Dramatic Eclogues of Juan Del Encina
by Henry W. Sullivan [pp. 257-275]
Article Additions and Corrections to the Second Edition of Donald Wing's Short-Title Catalogue
by Clinton Sisson and Jeri S. Smith [pp. 276-280]

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