Studies in Bibliography, Volume 31 (1978)

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Front Matter
Article The Editing of Historical Documents
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-56]
Article Wynkyn de Worde's "Sir Thopas" and Other Tales
by Thomas J. Garbáty [pp. 57-67]
Article Flash of the Comet: The Typographical Career of Samuel N. Dickinson
by Rollo G. Silver [pp. 68-89]
Article Greg's "Rationale of Copy-Text" Revisited
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 90-161]
Article Symmetry in Watermark Sequences
by Stephen Spector [pp. 162-178]
Article The Direction Line as Bibliographical Evidence: Sheet K in Crowne's City Politiques, 1683
by B. J. McMullin [pp. 178-184]
Article Printer's Copy for Stow's Chaucer
by Bradford Y. Fletcher [pp. 184-201]
Article The Printer of the First Quarto of Astrophil and Stella (1591)
by MacD. P. Jackson [pp. 201-203]
Article "Wife" or "Wise" -- The Tempest 1. 1786
by Jeanne Addison Roberts [pp. 203-208]
Article The Printer's Copy for the 1785 Variorum Shakespeare
by William C. Woodson [pp. 208-210]
Article Manuscript Materials in the First Edition of Donne's Biathanatos
by Ernest W. Sullivan, II [pp. 210-221]
Article New Texts of Marvell's Satires: II
by A. S. G. Edwards [pp. 221-226]
Article Preacher and Publisher: Oliver Heywood and Thomas Parkhurst
by Harold Love [pp. 227-235]
Article Robert Dodsley as Editor
by Richard Wendorf [pp. 235-248]
Article Mary Cochran: Sherwood Anderson's Ten-Year Novel
by William S. Pfeiffer [pp. 248-257]
Article Sherwood Anderson: Fugitive Pamphlets and Broadsides, 1918-1940
by Ray Lewis White [pp. 257-263]
Article Second Thoughts on "Graham Greene's Second Thoughts": The Five Texts of The Heart of the Matter
by Philip Stratford [pp. 263-266]
Article Additions and Corrections to the Second Edition of Donald Wing's Short-Title Catalogue
by Timothy Crist and Clinton Sisson [pp. 266-271]

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