Studies in Bibliography, Volume 32 (1979)

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Front Matter
Article External Fact as an Editorial Problem
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-47]
Article Some Sixteenth-Century Stationers' Wills
by Wayne H. Phelps [pp. 48-59]
Article Foul Papers, Compositor B, and the Speech-Prefixes of All's Well that Ends Well
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 60-81]
Article Miltonic Documents in the Public Record Office, London
by Robert Thomas Fallon [pp. 82-100]
Article Lawton Gilliver: Pope's Bookseller
by James McLaverty [pp. 101-124]
Article A Further History of Tennyson's Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington: The Manuscript at Trinity College and the Galley Proof at Lincoln
by Edgar F. Shannon, Jr. and Christopher Ricks [pp. 125-157]
Article Lincoln Cathedral Library MS. 91: Life and Milieu of the Scribe
by George R. Keiser [pp. 158-179]
Article Sir John Harington's Irish Journals
by R. H. Miller [pp. 179-186]
Article The Reliability of Simmes's Compositor A
by Alan E. Craven [pp. 186-197]
Article A Technique of Headline Analysis, with Application to Shakespeare's Sonnets, 1609
by Randall McLeod [pp. 197-210]
Article Compositorial Practices in Tourneur's The Atheist's Tragedy
by MacD. P. Jackson [pp. 210-215]
Article A Rare Restoration Manuscript Prompt-Book: John Wilson's Belphegor, Corrected by the Author
by Kathleen M. Lesko [pp. 215-219]
Article The Mystery of Farquhar's Stage-Coach Reconsidered
by Shirley Strum Kenny [pp. 219-236]
Article The Publication of Shaftesbury's Letter Concerning Enthusiasm
by Richard B. Wolf [pp. 236-241]
Article George Steevens's 1785 Variorum Shakespeare
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 241-246]
Article George Crabbe: Murray's 1834 Edition of the Life and Poems
by Thomas C. Faulkner [pp. 246-252]
Article Leigh Hunt, George Henry Lewes and Henry Hallam's Introduction to the Literature of Europe
by William Baker [pp. 252-273]
Article The Uncertain Origins of Eugene O'Neill's "Bound East for Cardiff"
by Paul D. Voelker [pp. 273-281]
Article Lucas Beauchamp, Ned Barnett, and William Faulkner's 1940 Will
by Robert W. Hamblin [pp. 281-283]

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