Studies in Bibliography, Volume 33 (1980)

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Front Matter
Article Indexing the Periodical Literature of Anglo-American Bibliography
by B. J. McMullin [pp. 1-17]
Article The Concept of Ideal Copy
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 18-53]
Article An Application of Semiotics to the Definition of Bibliography
by Ross Atkinson [pp. 54-73]
Article Establishing Shakespeare's Text: Notes on Short Lines and the Problem of Verse Division
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 74-130]
Article A Fielding Discovery, with Some Remarks on the Canon
by M. C. with R. R. Battestin [pp. 131-143]
Article Casting Off Copy and the Composition of Hooker's Book V
by W. Speed Hill [pp. 144-161]
Article Some Problems of Attribution in the Canon of Sir William Killigrew's Works
by J. P. Vander Motten [pp. 161-168]
Article The Text of Paradise Lost: A Stemma for the Early Editions
by R. G. Moyles [pp. 168-182]
Article The Chronology of the Richardson-Bradshaigh Correspondence of 1751
by John August Wood [pp. 182-191]
Article The Typewriters in the Making of The Waste Land
by S. Krishnamoorthy Aithal [pp. 191-193]
Article The Manuscript of D. H. Lawrence's Saga of Siegmund
by Bruce Steele [pp. 193-205]
Article Tracking Lawrence's Fox: An Account of its Composition, Evolution, and Publication
by Judith G. Ruderman [pp. 206-221]
Article A Textual History of Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory
by David Leon Higdon [pp. 222-239]
Article David Jones's Glosses on The Anathemata
by Thomas Dilworth [pp. 239-253]
Article Faulkner's "L'apres-midi D'un Faune": The Evolution of a Poem
by Robert W. Hamblin and Louis Daniel Brodsky [pp. 254-263]
Article His Editor's Hand: Hiram Haydn's Changes in Styron's Lie Down in Darkness
by Arthur D. Casciato [pp. 263-276]

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