Studies in Bibliography, Volume 36 (1983)

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Front Matter
Article The Emily Dickinson Fascicles
by R. W. Franklin [pp. 1-20]
Article Classical, Biblical, and Medieval Textual Criticism and Modern Editing
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 21-68]
Article Four New Fielding Attributions: His Earliest Satires of Walpole
by Martin C. Battestin [pp. 69-109]
Article More Light on the Life and Milieu of Robert Thornton
by George R. Keiser [pp. 111-119]
Article Scribal Self-Corrections in the Thornton Morte Arthure
by Mary Hamel [pp. 119-137]
Article The "Setting Foorth" of Harington's Ariosto
by Simon Cauchi [pp. 137-168]
Article Marginal Markings: The Censor and the Editing of Four English Promptbooks
by T. H. Howard-Hill [pp. 168-177]
Article "Sallied Flesh" (Q1, Q2): Hamlet I.ii.129
by G. V. Monitto [pp. 177-178]
Article Revisions and Repetition-brackets in Fletcher's A Wife for a Month
by Robert Kean Turner [pp. 178-189]
Article Some Neglected Bits and Pieces from the European Magazine
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 191-200]
Article Line Indentation in Stillinger's The Poems of John Keats
by David H. Jackson [pp. 200-205]
Article An Unknown Gissing Story from the Chicago Daily News
by Robert L. Selig [pp. 205-212]
Article "Native to New England": Thoreau, "Herald of Freedom," and A Week
by Linck C. Johnson [pp. 213-220]
Article Stephen Crane's Manuscript of "This Majestic Lie"
by Paul Sorrentino [pp. 221-229]
Article Three Separate Leaves from Robert Frost's Derry Years: A Note and Transcriptions
by Roger D. Sell [pp. 229-232]
Article The Construction of Hart Crane's Last Poem, "The Broken Tower"
by Joan St. C. Crane [pp. 232-240]
Article The Autograph Manuscripts of Faulkner's "The Lilacs"
by Louis Daniel Brodsky [pp. 240-252]
Article The Bibliographical Concept of Plating
by James L. W. West III [pp. 252-266]

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