Studies in Bibliography, Volume 37 (1984)

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Front Matter
Article The Arrangement of Descriptive Bibliographies
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-38]
Article The Ranking of Variants in the Analysis of Moderately Contaminated Manuscript Traditions
by Harold Love [pp. 39-57]
Article The Identification of Paper without Watermarks: The Example of Pope's Dunciad
by David L. Vander Meulen [pp. 58-81]
Article The Mode of Existence of Literary Works of Art: The Case of the Dunciad Variorum
by James McLaverty [pp. 82-105]
Article Stretching a Point: Or, The Case of the Spaced-Out Comps
by D. F. McKenzie [pp. 106-121]
Article The London Thornton Manuscript: A Corrected Collation
by Ralph Hanna III [pp. 122-130]
Article Models for the Textual Transmission of Translation: The Case of John Trevisa
by D. C. Greetham [pp. 131-155]
Article Misconceptions about the Geneva Bible
by Naseeb Shaheen [pp. 156-158]
Article The Roaring Girl: New Readings and Further Notes
by Paul Mulholland [pp. 159-170]
Article The Derby MS Book of Cotton's Poems and "Contentation" Re-considered
by Alvin I. Dust [pp. 170-180]
Article Hidden Editions in Satires I and II of Edward Young's The Universal Passion
by James E. May [pp. 181-187]
Article The Authority of Accidental Variants in the Tonson Second Edition of Edward Young's Love of Fame
by James E. May [pp. 187-197]
Article John Clay of Daventry: the Business of an Eighteenth-Century Stationer
by John Feather [pp. 198-209]
Article Isaac Reed and the European Magazine
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 210-227]
Article Additions to the Nichols File of the Gentleman's Magazine
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 228-233]
Article The Sons and Lovers Manuscript
by Wayne Templeton [pp. 234-243]
Article Stephen Crane's Sale of "An Episode of War" to the Youth's Companion
by Paul Sorrentino [pp. 243-248]
Article The Textual Development of William Faulkner's "Wash": An Examination of Manuscripts in the Brodsky Collection
by Louis Daniel Brodsky [pp. 248-281]
Article The Setting and Printing of the First Edition of Cervantes's Novelas Ejemplares
by R. M. Flores [pp. 281-306]

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