Studies in Bibliography, Volume 39 (1986)

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Front Matter
Article Historicism and Critical Editing
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-46]
Article Swift's Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift: The Notes
by Clive Probyn [pp. 47-61]
Article The Album (1826): The Significance of the Recently Discovered Second Volume
by James Everett Kibler, Jr. [pp. 62-78]
Article Scribal Errors and Textual Integrity: The Case of Innsbruck Universitätsbibliothek Cod. 960
by Stephen K. Wright [pp. 79-92]
Article The STCN Fingerprint
by P. C. A. Vriesema [pp. 93- 100]
Article Booklets in Medieval Manuscripts: Further Considerations
by Ralph Hanna III [pp. 100-111]
Article The Two Scribes of the Cardigan Manuscript and the "Evidence" of Scribal Supervision and Shop Production
by Daniel W. Mosser [pp. 112-125]
Article William Thynne's Printing of the Squire's Tale: Manuscripts and Printer's Copy
by Donald C. Baker [pp. 125-132]
Article The Relevance of Cast-Off Copy in Determining the Nature of Omissions: Q2 Hamlet
by Eric Rasmussen [pp. 133-135]
Article The White Devil in Nicholas Okes's Shop
by Antony Hammond [pp. 135-176]
Article John Trundle and the Book-Trade 1603-1626
by Gerald D. Johnson [pp. 177-199]
Article Dryden and the Fourth Earl of Lauderdale
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 199-210]
Article Gleanings from the Scots Magazine (1739-1800)
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 210-219]
Article Isaac Reed's 1785 Variorum Shakespeare
by William C. Woodson [pp. 220-229]
Article Variation, Accident, and Intention in William Blake's The Book of Urizen
by Robert N. Essick [pp. 230-235]
Article Nineteenth-Century English Best-sellers: A Third List
by Richard D. Altick [pp. 235-241]
Article The Raverat Proofs of Mrs. Dalloway
by Glenn P. Wright [pp. 241-261]
Article A New Manuscript of Poe's "For Annie"
by J. Albert Robbins [pp. 261-265]
Article Sherwood Anderson: Additions to the Bibliography
by Charles E. Modlin Hilbert H. Campbell Kenichi Takada [pp. 266-268]
Article A Textual History of Wallace Stevens' Three Travelers Watch a Sunrise
by Richard Alan Schwartz [pp. 269-276]
Article The 1961 Andrés Bello Award: William Faulkner's Original Acceptance Speech
by Louis Daniel Brodsky [pp. 277-281]
Article A Tale of Two Printings: Don Quixote, Part II
by R. M. Flores [pp. 281-296]

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