Studies in Bibliography, Volume 40 (1987)

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Front Matter
Article A Sample Bibliographical Description With Commentary
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-30]
Article The Three Texts of 2 Henry IV
by John Jowett and Gary Taylor [pp. 31-50]
Article The Growth of Robert Thornton's Books
by Ralph Hanna III [pp. 51-61]
Article The Production of Cambridge University Library MS. Ff.i.6
by Ralph Hanna III [pp. 62-70]
Article On the Eighteenth-Century Ownership of a MS of Chaucer's Legend of Good Women, British Library Additional 9832
by Constance S. Wright [pp. 70-71]
Article Some Observations on the 1532 Edition of Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso
by Conor Fahy [pp. 72-85]
Article The Significance of the "Tho" Signs in Wyatt's Egerton Manuscript
by Joost Daalder [pp. 86-100]
Article Sir John Harington's Manuscripts in Italic
by R. H. Miller [pp. 101-106]
Article The Final Quires of the Jonson 1616 Workes: Headline Evidence
by Kevin J. Donovan [pp. 106-120]
Article The 1640 and 1653 Poems: By Francis Beaumont, Gent. and the Canon of Beaumont's Nondramatic Verse
by William A. Ringler, Jr. [pp. 120-140]
Article The Gentleman's Magazine, Concealed Printing, and the Texts of Samuel Johnson's Lives of Admiral Robert Blake and Sir Francis Drake
by O M Brack, Jr. [pp. 140-146]
Article Provincial Bookselling in Eighteenth-Century England: the Case of John Clay Reconsidered
by Jan Fergus and Ruth Portner [pp. 147-163]
Article More from the Gentleman's Magazine: Graves, Mainwaring, Wren, Sterne, Pope, Bubb Dodington, Goldsmith, Hill, Herrick, Cowper, Chatterton
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 164-174]
Article Cromek, Cunningham, and Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song: A Case of Literary Duplicity
by Dennis M. Read [pp. 175-187]
Article Dates for Some Serially Published Shakespeares
by Richard Knowles [pp. 187-201]
Article Charlotte Brontë Manuscripts: Two Sketches and Her Holograph Preface to The Professor
by Janet Butler [pp. 201-207]
Article The Bibliographer, Book-Lore, and The Bookworm
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 207-219]
Article The Unrecognized Second Edition of Conrad's Under Western Eyes
by David Leon Higdon [pp. 220-225]
Article William Faulkner's "Impressions" of "Danzas Venezuela": the Original Manuscript
by Louis Daniel Brodsky [pp. 226-229]

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