Studies in Bibliography, Volume 41 (1988)

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Front Matter
Article The Melbourne Manuscript and John Webster: A Reproduction and Transcript
by Antony Hammond and Doreen Delvecchio [pp. 1-32]
Article Bibliographical History As a Field of Study
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp.33-63]
Article Does "Text" Exist?
by Louis Hay [pp. 64-76]
Article Script, Work and Published Form: Franz Kafka's Incomplete Text
by Gerhard Neumann [pp. 77-99]
Article Conceptualisations for Procedures of Authorship
by Klaus Hurlebusch [pp. 100-135]
Article Some Notes on Letter Editions: With Special Reference to German Writers
by Siegfried Scheibe [pp. 136-148]
Article Editing the Correspondence of Charles Darwin
by Frederick Burkhardt [pp. 149-159]
Article Practice, Not Theory: Editing J. S. Mill's Newspaper Writings
by John M. Robson [pp. 160-176]
Article The Unity and Authenticity of Anelida and Arcite: The Evidence of the Manuscripts
by A. S. G. Edwards [pp. 177-188]
Article Editorial Method and Medieval Translations: The Example of Chaucer's Boece
by Tim William Machan [pp. 188-196]
Article The Origins and Production of Westminster School MS. 3
by Ralph Hanna III [pp. 197-218]
Article An Epitaph for Richard, Duke of York
by Richard Firth Green [pp. 218-224]
Article More on the 1532 Edition of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso
by Conor Fahy [pp. 225-232]
Article "Foul Papers" and "Prompt-Books": Printer's Copy for Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors
by Paul Werstine [pp. 232-246]
Article New Evidence for Dr. Arbuthnot's Authorship of "The Rabbit-Man-Midwife"
by Dennis Todd [pp. 247-267]
Article "Hesiod" Cooke and the Subscription Game
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 267-270]
Article From the Westminster Magazine: Swift, Goldsmith, Garrick, et al.
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 270-283]
Article Richard Edwards, Publisher of Church-and-King Pamphlets and of William Blake
by G. E. Bentley, Jr. [pp. 283-315]
Article William Faulkner's 1962 Gold Medal Speech
by Louis Daniel Brodsky [pp. 315-321]

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