Studies in Bibliography, Volume 42 (1989)

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Front Matter
Article Textual and Literary Theory: Redrawing the Matrix
by D. C. Greetham [pp. 1-24]
Article Reproductions and Scholarship
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 25-54]
Article An Inquiry into the Social Status of Texts and Modes of Textual Criticism
by Peter L. Shillingsburg [pp. 55-79]
Article Regularization and Normalization in Modern Critical Texts
by Fredson Bowers [pp. 79-102]
Article Visions and Revisions: A Further Look at the Manuscripts of Julian of Norwich
by Marion Glasscoe [pp. 103-120]
Article The Scribe of Huntington HM 114
by Ralph Hanna III [pp. 120-133]
Article F. N. Robinson's Editing of the Canterbury Tales
by Roy Vance Ramsey [pp. 134-152]
Article Chaucer's Revision of Troilus and Criseyde
by Kevin K. Cureton [pp. 153-184]
Article Pynson's and Thynne's Editions of Chaucer's House of Fame
by A. S. G. Edwards [pp. 185-186]
Article The First Edition of John Lyly's Sappho and Phao (1584)
by David Bevington [pp. 187-199]
Article Abraham Fleming: A Learned Corrector in 1586-87
by Elizabeth Story Donno [pp. 200-211]
Article Compositor Identification in Romeo Q1 and Troilus
by W. Craig Ferguson [pp. 211-218]
Article Scribal Texts and Literary Communities: the Rochester Circle and Osborn B. 105
by Harold Love [pp. 219-235]
Article The Manuscript of Sanctus Tewdricus: Rediscovery of a "Lost Miracle Play" from St. Omers
by Stephen K. Wright [pp. 236-245]
Article Dating Fielding's Letters to Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
by Martin C. Battestin [pp. 246-248]
Article Further Additions to the Nichols File of the Gentleman's Magazine
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 249-254]
Article Richard Baldwin Junior, Bookseller
by C. Y. Ferdinand [pp. 254-264]
Article The Dating of the "1794" Version of Wordsworth's An Evening Walk
by John O. Hayden [pp. 265-271]
Article What Was Blake's Chaucer?
by Alexander S. Gourlay [pp. 272-283]
Article Shaw and Henderson: Autobiographer Versus Biographer
by Ellen Summers [pp. 284-293]
Article The Composition of Sherwood Anderson's Short Story "Not Sixteen"
by Mary-Elisabeth Fowkes Tobin [pp. 293-300]

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