Studies in Bibliography, Volume 44 (1991)

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Front Matter
Article [Textual] Criticism and Deconstruction
by D. C. Greetham [pp. 1-30]
Article Text as Matter, Concept, and Action
by Peter L. Shillingsburg [pp. 31-82]
Article Textual Criticism and Literary Sociology
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 83-143]
Article Printing at Froben's: An Eye-Witness Account
by Johan Gerritsen [pp. 144-163]
Article Copy-Text and its Variants in Some Recent Chaucer Editions
by Joseph A. Dane [pp. 164-183]
Article Bibliographical Methods for Identifying Unknown Printers in Elizabethan/Jacobean Books
by Adrian Weiss [pp. 183-228]
Article Reconstruction and Adaptation in Q Henry V
by Kathleen Irace [pp. 228-253]
Article Jonson's Authorization of Type in Sejanus and Other Early Quartos
by John Jowett [pp. 254-265]
Article 'Travelling West-ward': The Lost Letter from Jonathan Swift to Charles Ford
by Clive Probyn [pp. 265-270]
Article Attributions of Authorship in the Gentleman's Magazine, 1731-77: A Supplement to Kuist
by Emily Lorraine de Montluzin [pp. 271-302]
Article A Collaboration in Learning: The Gentleman's Magazine and its Ingenious Contributors
by James M. Kuist [pp. 302-317]
Article John Nichols's Notes in the Scholarly Commentary of Others
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 318-322]
Article Title-Pages Produced by the Walter Scott Publishing Co Ltd
by John R. Turner [pp. 323-331]
Article A Mixed Bag from The Bookman of New York
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 332-344]
Article A Bibliographical Analysis of the Manuscript of D. H. Lawrence's The White Peacock
by A. R. Atkins [pp. 344-364]
Article Document or Process as the Site of Authority: Establishing Chronology of Revision in Competing Typescripts of Lawrence's The Boy in the Bush
by Paul Eggert [pp. 364-376]
Article Simms's First Published Fiction
by James E. Kibler [pp. 376-380]

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