Studies in Bibliography, Volume 47 (1994)

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Front Matter
Article Editing without a Copy-Text
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-22]
Article Allan H. Stevenson and the Bibliographical Uses of Paper
by Paul Needham [pp. 23-64]
Article Editing Paintings/Conserving Literature: The Nature of the 'Work'
by Paul Eggert [pp. 65-78]
Article Decorated Initials in the Lincoln Thornton Manuscript
by Joel Fredell [pp. 78-88]
Article The Transcription of the "Clerk's Tale" in MS HM140: Interpreting Textual Effects
by William McClellan [pp. 89-103]
Article Images of the Word: Separately Published English Bible Illustrations 1539-1830
by G. E. Bentley, Jr [pp. 103-128]
Article Shakespeare's Art and the Texts of King Lear
by Ann R. Meyer [pp. 128-146]
Article The Concluding Pages of the Jonson Folio of 1616
by James A. Riddell [pp. 147-154]
Article Samuel Johnson and the Preface to Abbé Prevost's Memoirs of a Man of Quality
by O M Brack, Jr. [pp. 155-164]
Article Attributions of Authorship in the Gentleman's Magazine, 1809-26: A Supplement to Kuist
by Emily Lorraine de Montluzin [pp. 164-195]
Article Thomas Love Peacock's Manuscript "Poems" of 1804
by Nicholas A. Joukovsky [pp. 196-211]
Article Last Gleanings from The Critic: Clemens, Whitman, Hardy, Thackeray, and Others
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 212-221]
Article Shaw's Forgotten Lecture (And Other Matters Shavian)
by Arthur Sherbo [pp. 221-230]
Article Dreiser's "Genius" in the Making: Composition and Revision
by Louis J. Oldani [pp. 230-252]
Article Watermarks and the Dating of Old Russian Manuscripts: The Case of Poslanie Mnogoslovnoe
by Nancy Yanoshak [pp. 252-265]

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