Studies in Bibliography, Volume 48 (1995)

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Front Matter
Article Preface
byDavid L. Vander Meulen, Bruce Redford [pp. vii-viii]
Article J. D. Fleeman: A Memoir
by David Fairer [pp. 1-24]
Article The Publications of J. D. Fleeman
by David Fairer [pp. 25-33]
Article Pope in the Private and Public Spheres: Annotations in the Second Earl of Oxford's Volume of Folio Poems, 1731-1736
by James McLaverty [pp. 33-59]
Article Samuel Johnson and the Translations of Jean Pierre De Crousaz's Examen and Commentaire
by O M Brack, Jr. [pp. 60-84]
Article Dr. Hoadly's 'Poems Set to Music by Dr. Greene'
by Keith Maslen [pp. 85-94]
Article Virtual Readers: The Subscribers to Fielding's Miscellanies (1743)
by Hugh Amory [pp. 94-112]
Article Eighteenth-Century Authors and the Abuse of the Franking System
by James E. Tierney [pp. 112-120]
Article The Preliminaries to Dr. Johnson's Dictionary: Authorial Revisions and the Establishment of the Texts
by Gwin J. Kolb and Robert DeMaria, Jr. [pp. 121-133]
Article Textual Transformations: The Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus in Johnson's Dictionary
by Anne McDermott [pp. 133-148]
Article Richard Hurd's Editions of Horace and the Bowyer Ledgers
by Donald D. Eddy [pp. 148-169]
Article From the Bishop of Gloucester to Lord Hailes: The Correspondence of William Warburton and David Dalrymple
by Donald W. Nichol [pp. 169-192]
Article Patchwork and Piracy: John Bell's "Connected System of Biography" and the Use of Johnson's Prefaces
by Thomas F. Bonnell [pp. 193-228]
Article Scott's Commentary on The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson
by Ann Bowden and William B. Todd [pp. 229-248]
Article Whose Mistress? Thomas Hardy's Theatrical Collaboration
by Pamela Dalziel [pp. 248-259]
Article Signing by the Page
by B. J. McMullin [pp. 259-268]
Article Printing History and Other History
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 269-289]
Article With an O (Yorks.) Or an I (Salop.)? the Middle English Lyrics of British Library Additional 45896
by Ralph Hanna III [pp. 290-297]

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