Studies in Bibliography, Volume 51 (1998)

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Front Matter
Article A Rationale of Collecting.
by G. Thomas Tanselle [pp. 1-25]
Article Roberto Ridolfi, Italian Bibliographical Scholar.
by Conor Fahy [pp. 26-47]
Article Fists and Filiations in Early Chaucer Folios, 1532-1602.
by Joseph A. Dane [pp. 48-62]
Article Thomas Usk's "Perdurable Letters": The Testament of Love from Script to Print.
by Anne Middleton [pp. 63-116]
Article Petruccio and the Barber's Shop.
by Laurie E. Maguire [pp. 117-126]
Article Patterns of Paper Use in the Workes of Beniamin Jonson (William Stansby, 1616).
by David L. Gants [pp. 127-153]
Article Jonson, Biathanatos and the Interpretation of Manuscript Evidence.
by Mark Bland [pp. 154-182]
Article 'Of which being publick the Publick judge': Pope and the Publication of Verses Addres'd to the Imitator of Horace.
by James McLaverty [pp. 183-204]
Article Creating a Good Impression at the Oxford Bible Press in 1743.
by B.J. McMullin [pp. 205-212]
Article Profits from Play Publication: The Evidence of Murphy v. Vaillant.
by Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume [pp. 213-229]
Article The First Title Page of Lyrical Ballads
by Mark L. Reed [pp. 230-240]
ArticleAttributions of Authorship in the British Critic during the Editorial Regime of Robert Nares, 1793-1813.
by Emily Lorraine De Montluzin [pp. 241-258]
Article Gilman's Manuscript of "The Yellow Wall-Paper": Toward a Critical Edition.
by Shawn St. Jean [pp. 259-273]
Article Milton in the Gentleman's Magazine: A Correction to de Montluzin.
by John T. Shawcross [pp. 274]
Back Matter

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